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Benjamine Carrier, George Washington High School principal

George Washington High School is proud to support the Ogden School District Guaranties, Standards, and Attitudes. We know that we can become an exemplary school district, high achieving school, and ensure all students are successful in high school and their post-high school choices.

Principal Benjamin Carrier


George Washington High School

ARISE! Creed

As I live my life I will accept that I am in control.

I can choose who I am, who I will be, and where I will go.

  • I choose to be ACCOUNTABLE for my actions and my choices;
  • I choose to be RESPECTFUL of myself and others;
  • I choose to be positively INVOLVED in my education, my school, my community;
  • I choose to be actively engaged in creating a SAFE learning environment for myself and for my fellow students;
  • I choose to be continually EXCELLING as I progress from where I am to where I want to be.

No dream is too big, no chance is too small,

I will succeed because I choose to take control.

George Washington

We work daily to provide many and varied learning opportunities, to create positive student-teacher-family relationships, and to develop resilient life-long learners ready to tackle all of life’s challenges and opportunities.

George Washington

Together we will ARISE!

George Washington
Core Purpose

All students must graduate ready for college, career, life!